Upcoming events at Masjid Al Hadi:



Quranic Studies class, every Wednesday

7:30 PM








                    Jumuah every Friday at 1 pm.

Welcome to


9 Broad Street

Elizabeth NJ 07201



Dinners for $5 Donation,

Helping to feed the homeless and to support the Masjid Al Hadi Cultural Center,

Every 3rd Jumuah of the month






































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Check out our  Jumuah Khutbahs (speeches) on Youtube:

Masjid Al Hadi

From Left to Right, Imam Rahman Muhammad,  Resident Imam Shahid Abdullah, Imam A. K. Shamsid-Deen 

                               Striving for Excellence !


Quranic Studies class every Wednesday at the masjid 7:30pm 


                                Our Imams
















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